Welcome to the TRS-ActiveCare Prescription Benefits Preview!

Notice of Creditable Coverage

What’s New

Aetna and Caremark will be new plan administrators

Effective September 1 2014, Aetna will replace Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas as the administrator of the TRS-ActiveCare plans. Caremark will replace Express Scripts as the administrator of the prescription drug benefits. 

For members needing a temporary ID card beginning 9/1/2014, please use the following link:  TRS-ActiveCare Temporary ID card.  

About Caremark

Caremark is the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States. Our network includes more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide, including chain pharmacies, 20,000 independent pharmacies and 7,100 CVS/pharmacy stores. Through Caremark Pharmacy services, you can order maintenance and specialty medications online or by phone, and have them delivered directly to you. The Caremark website offers these and other services, including Ask-a-Pharmacist, for answers and information about your medications. To start using these and other features and services, register at www.caremark.com.