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Important Information for Members

Welcome Kansas State Employees, your online health resource…

This site provides you with benefit plan management tools and information that can help you better understand your prescription benefit coverage. Many of our tools are designed to help you, the covered member, save time and money.

Use the plan links to determine if a prescription will be covered by your plan, determine what co-payment amounts will be, and if a generic is available. For maintenance medications you may be invited to use Caremark mail service which could mean even more savings!!

Check Drug Coverage and Cost for Plan(s) A and B

Check Drug Coverage and Cost for Plan C

Drug Interactions
We realize you may be taking multiple medications. You can use this tool to determine if there are any potential interactions between your current medications and new prescriptions.

Find a Pharmacy Near You.
Search for a retail pharmacy by zip code, city or state. In a matter of seconds you’ll get an address, phone number and detailed directions to the network pharmacy of your choice.

KSE Preferred Drug List "formulary"

Kansas State Employees Prescription Drug Benefit Description

KSE Preferred Drug List “formulary” and Specialty Changes for 1-1-14

Discount Tier Medications


Special Case Medications

Online Forms

For your convenience, the following forms can be viewed and printed from this Web site. Simply make your selection from these commonly used forms.

Caremark Mail Service Order Form

Use to send in your new prescriptions to the Caremark mail service pharmacy. Please mail your completed order form and prescriptions(s) to the Caremark facility that you currently use.

P.O. Box 830070
Birmingham, AL 35283-0070

Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form

Use to file a claim for reimbursement for a prescription that you paid full price for at a retail pharmacy.

Caremark Welcomes Kansas State Employees
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