Save Me Money

We want to help save you money on your prescription drug costs. Here are some things you can do:

Ask for generics first

Generic drugs are as safe and effective as a brand-name drug, but at a lower cost. Talk to your doctor to see if generics are right for you when you are getting a new prescription.

Use preferred drugs

We encourage you to ask your physician to prescribe a preferred (Tier 2 or Tier 4) brand-name drug from your Standard Option and Basic Option formulary when your physician believes a brand-name drug is necessary or when there is no generic available.

For more information please click on the formulary links for Standard and Basic Options found below.

Standard Option Formulary

Basic Option Formulary

Know your network

Using a pharmacy in the CVS Caremark Retail Pharmacy Network generally costs you less than using a non-preferred pharmacy. Find a Preferred pharmacy near you.

Use the Specialty Pharmacy Program

You will pay a lower cost share when you use the Specialty Pharmacy Program. In addition, you can receive personalized pharmacy care management services, and your drugs will be delivered directly to you or your doctor’s office.

Specialty Pharmacy Drug List

Specialty Pharmacy Order Form

Choose mail service (Standard Option only)

For maintenance drugs, mail service could reduce your prescription costs and save you trips to the pharmacy.

Mail Service Order Form in English

Mail Service Order Form in Spanish

Change to a generic drug replacement (Standard Option only)

Standard Option Generic Incentive Program

Save on drugs not covered under the plan

Save an average of 20% on certain prescription medicines.

Discount Drug Program