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Welcome to your prescription benefit program administered by Caremark. Through dedication and thoughtful attention, you will see Caremark’s commitment to your health and well-being. High quality specialty pharmaceutical services are provided to you with pride because at Caremark it all starts with care.

This site contains details about the ERS Plan, as well as the items you will need to use retail and mail service benefits.

Your prescription benefit program has two components.

    1. Retail Pharmacies – for maintenance and non-maintenance medications

    2. Mail Service – for maintenance and long-term medication

Use a Caremark participating retail pharmacy when filling prescriptions for non-maintenance medications, such as antibiotics. The Caremark Retail Program includes more than 54,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including more than 20,000 independent community pharmacies.

You may also use an Extended Days' Supply (EDS) Network Pharmacy to get a 31-to 90-day supply of drugs. You will not pay the retail maintenance fee for a 31-to 90-day supply at an EDS pharmacy. See the full list of EDS pharmacies.

You can also use the Caremark Mail Service Program to obtain your maintenance or long-term medications. To ensure your safety and the accuracy of your prescriptions, Caremark follows stringent safety standards to help protect you from drug interactions and allergic reactions, as well as incorrect dosages. Hundreds of manual and automated safety checks are in place to help you to receive the best pharmacy care.

Also included in your prescription benefit program is the Caremark Preferred Drug List, which has a list of preferred prescription medications.

Be sure to read the following information carefully, and do not hesitate to call Caremark with any questions you may have at (888) 886-8490 or visit www.caremark.com/ers. On behalf of Caremark, we are confident you will be pleased with your prescription benefit program.

This is not a full explanation of your benefits.



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