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Plan Information

Plan Information

Plan Year 2016 HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program Master Benefit Plan Document (MBPD). Eff 01/01/2016

Plan Year 2016 HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program Master Benefit Plan Document (MBPD). Eff 09/01/15

Plan Year 2015 HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program Master Benefit Plan Document (MBPD), Eff. 09/01/14

Plan Year 2014 HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program Master Benefit Plan Document (MBPD), Eff. 09/01/13

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About Generics

You may pay less for generic medicines than for equivalent brand name medicines. You can count on generics because:

Generics are safe and effective. Like all brand name medicines, generic medicines must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective before they can be sold. In fact, manufacturers must prove to the FDA that generic medicines work just like their brand name equivalents.

Generics are a better value. Generic medicines usually cost much less than brand name medicines. They cost less because their manufacturers do little advertising and did not have to invest in the original research, development, and testing of the drug.

A generic medicine may be a different color or shape, but is the same as the brand name medicine in:

• Strength (number of milligrams, etc.)
• Dosage form (pill, liquid, cream, etc.)
• Quality
• Active ingredient
• Effectiveness (how it works in the body).

See what the FDA has to say about generics.

Using mail service is fast, easy and can save you money!

Sign up for mail service and enjoy the convenience of prescriptions delivered directly to you. We can make it easy – and less expensive – for you to get the medicines you take on a regular basis, such as those for managing high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

The benefits include:

  • Convenient delivery directly to the address you provide
  • Free standard shipping
  • Easy-to-order refills online or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Mail Service Order Form

    Request A New Prescription makes getting started with mail service as easy as

    Ready to place your order? Our Request A New Prescription program offers three easy ways to get started:

    Option 1: Internet
    Go to www.caremark.com/ers and register or sign in. Click on the Order Prescriptions tab and then the Request a Prescription with Request A New Prescription link. Get started now >>

    Option 2: Phone
    Call toll-free (800) 875 0867 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT). Have your plan ID number, prescription name, doctor’s name and phone number, mailing address and payment information ready when placing an order. (For TDD assistance, dial (800) 231 4403.)

    Option 3: Physician
    Give your doctor the toll free Request A New Prescription physician number, (800) 378-5697, and ask your doctor to call in a 90 day prescription. Your doctor will need your mailing address, date of birth and plan ID number (found on your Caremark ID card).

    It’s that easy!

    Please allow up to 14 days from the day you submit your order to receive your medication.









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    Find out if your medication is part of the Prior Authorization (PA) program.
    Your health plan participates in
    a PA program for specific prescription drugs. This means you need to get authorization before benefits can be paid for certain drugs. More...
    Do you need to print a temporary prescription benefit ID card?
    You must register an online account in order to print a temporary card. To register, you must have your Participant/Cardholder I.D. Call Caremark Customer Care toll-free at (888) 886-8490 to get your
    ID#. Once you register, click on My Account and then Print My Prescription Benefit Card.
    Do you have Medicare
    Part B?
    If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, we have some important information to share with you about Medicare Part B and your prescription benefit. More...
    Did you receive a notice from Caremark about a prescription drug you are taking?
    Sometimes there is news you need to know about the drugs
    you take. If you purchase your prescriptions at mail service, Caremark will send you these important messages as they become available. If you have questions about the notices, please call 1-888-886-8490
    Are you taking your prescriptions as your doctor instructed?
    Sometimes you may forget to order refills and miss doses you need. If you are not taking your prescriptions as your doctor instructed, you could jeopardize your health. To help you remember to order refills, Caremark will send you a reminder if you do not submit a refill request when your current fill is expected to run out. If you have questions about the notices, please call 1-888-886-8490
    Reimbursement Form
    Steps for Submitting a Paper Claim Reimbursement Form. More...

    Paper Claim Reimbursement Form
    Using Your FSA Debit Card at Mail Service FAQs
    What is a flexible spending account (FSA) debit card? More...

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